Frequently Asked Questions

Where can chats be viewed?

In display ad, instagram stories, websites, blogs and mobile apps! Just copy and paste your embed code voila, that chat is visible.

What parts of the chat can be branded?

There are several opportunities to feature your brand logo and colors. These include the wallpaper of the chat that remains visible as the reader scrolls the through the chat, the header of the chat In addition you can even change the colors of the message bubbles to match the brand!

Can a chat be served as a digital display ad?

Absolutely! An interactive chat widget that users can scroll results in extremely high engagement and click through.

Can I share chats on Instagram?

Yes! Check this out. Sharing chats directly into Instagram stories not only allows your audience to read and even comment right inside the instagram app, this super engaging experience will drive significantly more traffic to your own websites where the chat is embedded.

Can the audience interaction with the chat?

Yes! Our patented comments widget can be embedded along with the chat widget. Here the audience can leave comments and questions for the influencers.

Do all chats have a comment section?

It is entirely up to you, if you’d like to include a audience participation or not. In fact the comment section is a operate widget with its own embed code. So you can even decide to embed it on certain pages with the chat, and not on others.

Can I moderate the audience comment section?

YES! In fact, our patent pending comment section allows you to hide unwanted comments, as well as SPOTLIGHT comments that you’d like to feature. Spotlight means that specific comment will be shown in the main chat, with the audience members name and photo, so that the hosts can respond directly. (Only the hosts and the admins have the ability to Spotlight a comment)

Can I moderate the influencer conversations?

Definitely! While logged into the Tawkers admin, you will see all influencer messages in real time. You can hide, edit or delete messages on the fly!

Do influencers or audience members have to download an app or sign up for a profile?

Nope! The content is publicly viewable wherever it is embedded. Influencers that you invite to host the chat, will receive a secure link. All they have to do is click that link, it logs them right into the chat on their phone or desktop and they start texting. Thats it!

Can chats be viewed live?

Yes! Chats can be streamed in real-time as thew influencers type. You even get those magical three dots to show when a host is typing!

Do I have to build my own microsite?

Nope! Every chat created on the Tawkers platform, automatically generates a branded microsite, which includes the chat, comment section and any additional embedded media such as a youtube video, podcast, live steam etc.

Are chats always streamed live?

Nope. You can also enter messages on the backend platform, and publish a complete conversation when you are ready.