Bravo created conversational content for each new episode of their hit show ODD MOM OUT. Taking the characters off the screen, embedding their text conversation onto the brand website, blog and the Daily Dish mobile app, Bravo allowed fans to engage with the stars beyond the episode in real-time.



The Tawkers content performed far beyond social media benchmarks, increasing their average user engagement on the Bravo website from 0:45 to nearly 3 minutes.

Engagement benchmarks of retention time for social content:
Twitter 0:05, Snapchat 0:10, Instagram 0:15, Facebook 0:20, Youtube 1:00.

The audience spent a long time in session (Avg. 2:56) with the Bravo logo ever- present. Likes and Shares were also higher than average. Nearly all metrics increased as the campaign life continued, showing a positive retention and return rate.



Bravo, show talent and ambassadors shared preview images on social media channels, deep-linking their audience directly to the content to consume, interact and share.