What is Tawkers?


Tawkers is a new content creation tool with a built-in monetization engine. Designed BY digital marketers, FOR digital marketers, Tawkers allows publishers, brands and agencies to create mass quantities of super engaging content in the most familiar format to all demographics.

Tawkers content is the first of its kind: branded text conversations between influencers. The platform brings together two or more influencers for a public text conversation that can be branded, sponsored and served up across the web embedded as sponsored editorial content, in display ads or inside mobile apps. From wallpaper and header logos, to in-chat product mentions and promotional videos, the chat itself is an infinitely monetizable, multimedia asset.

Whether streamed live or published later, Tawkers chats are driving unrivaled engagement. Consumers are averaging minutes– not seconds– reading and interacting with the content, driving higher clickthrough, and the ability to charge higher CPM.

Advertising teams can create chats in seconds on Tawkers’ plug & play dashboard. Influencers are texted a secure link, opening the chat interface right on their phone. They start typing, and voila: no travel, no cameras, no hair & makeup. Not even an app download or login/password are required.


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